Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I must, I must...

Blog more often. This is it, I promise I am turning over a new leaf and you WILL see more of me in these parts! Been a bit distracted what with one thing and another, but isn't everyone? I won't be using that as an excuse to neglect this any more... Though as no-one reads this, strictly speaking, I am talking to myself. Isn't that the first sign of madness? Today is all about sex toys. I am a member of LoveHoney's forums (Fora?) , and a regular buyer of toys from the afforementioned. I love them and hate them, sometimes in equal measure. I love them because it's near impossible not to, and I hate them for nothing more than the fact that they keep making me spend money I shouldn't. Really good example would be today. I went to a shopping centre today (a rather large one) which has an Ann Summers. Now, I will admit that I did go with the intention of sinning and cheating on my beloved LH. My trip did involve a notable detour to Ikea for meatballs followed by daim cake... Not very sexy or O/T but hey, it's real life donchaknow? Once I had finished my daim cake, I walked through the centre to A.S... Now, I don't mean to judge here, but I noticed three or four SAs stood together, faffing with stock and seemingly, chatting. The store looked fairly empty, though admittedly I couldn't see the back where what I call the "proper" stock is. Maybe, part of me is still the pathetic wimp I was when in high school (or younger even) but seeing as all three girls looked up at anyone pausing (maybe, oh, thinking about coming in and spending some money?!), it totally put me off. I think I was drawn to the idea of going to A.S. as I miss the tactile stuff, I like the whole looking at the displays thing, the "shopping" experience, which as much as I love LH, obviously, online isn't the same. The reality, though, put me off. I decided this meant I was DEFINATELY allowed a LH order when I got home, and order I did. Now, do consider that I currently have zero income (stupid, stupid gov't (or rather the outsourced company they emply) still haven't arranged my ALG) but I will grant that my savings from my old job seem to be more than tiding me over, and I felt i needed a treat. I think we'll be calling this my christmas present to myself though, it's a bit of a wopper at just under £70! I wasn't planning that much... But I saw that for £50+ you qualified for a free Diamond Dazzler vibrator which is itself worth twenty quid, and seems to get good ratings. Having brought my order up to the £50 mark, I saw that at £60+, you can choose your delivery date! Awesome, I thought, as I won't be in on friday so Saturday is far better. (Btw, what do I say to my parents? "Butt out, it's christmas soon!" is what I'm favouring if they ask whats in the box!) And lets not forget, the original incentive that pushed me to order was the free gift offer in the LH mag! Here's my order: Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Triple Pack Black Wanted this for a while and think I really need to invest in some graduated butt plugs to get the ol' anal sex life going with the bf... Smooth Realistic 6.5 Inch Waterproof Vibrator Purple I wanted a waterproof vibe. Nothing more, nothing less. Might spice up showertime? Bondage Tape Black HOW long have I wanted this??? Now, to get the bf to use it on me... (I'm a sub through and through, lucky I went and fell in love with a dom!) Tracey Cox Supersex Orgasm Arousal Gel This is something I don't think I ever would have ordered if not for the LH mag! Something a bit different, and haven't tried any 'sensation' inducing gels or lubes so i'm certainly up for this. Aquaglide Anal Lube I was going to order the sliquid one, but it's OOS. Might end up getting that one in the future, who knows... but for now, I think i need anal lube and fast, as i know the bf is missing anal action and tbf, so am I. Doc Johnson Blush UR3 Dildo Clear This just seemed a really good price for a real-feel dildo, and I've been after a dildo for a good while. I have quite a few vibes but not really any good dildos, and this one looks good. I have really high hopes for this. Diamond Dazzler Smooth Vibrator 6 Inch Ah, the one that made me buy more than I set out to! Looks good though, the reviews are positive and it's certainly pretty! A £20 vibrator for free? well, you can't knock that! BASIC Sex Toys Essential Starter Pack And this is the one that made me want to order this time in the first place! You get 4 items from the LH BASIC range, which I've fancied trying anyway.. the BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Love Ring, the BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Mega Ring, the BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Finger Ring and the BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Love Bullet. I've been fancying the idea of a cockring for the mr anyway, and if i bought one, it'd probably be the Omazing one, but if we get on with the ones in this freebie, then we can treat ourselves to that I think! Hehe. So, a pretty impressive haul considering. If i'd spent just under £70 in AS, I have a feeling I may have walked out with, oh, 2 vibes? lol..

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