Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Too Many?

I know I have a lot of toys. That's obvious, and pretty much indisputable. Recently I've seen a couple of posts by fellow bloggers about the amount of toys they have and normally included a pic. So, earlier, I nipped to my bedroom and collected the lovelies on my bed. Appologies for the unstraightened sheet (and yes, it is grey... goes well with the black metal the bed is and the black duvet - what a goth, eh?!)...
NOT in that pic are my plain metal handcuffs, my fluffy black handcuffs and my spankties. Hmm, it is quite a bit. But as I disagree fundamentally with the concept of "too many" it cannot be so! It's both crazy and amazing that there are still other things I want, isn't it? The vibe near the centre, transparent blue with an egg vibe in it and a white battery compartment? That was my first ever. I think it may have to go bye-byes in the rabbit amnesty. Seeing as you can send more than one (i think - i'll have to check again!) i might also sling the white one next to it, tbh. It's not the best thing and it's seen better days. I should probably consider the same fate for the Sex Pistol (the purple and black spikey thing from ann summers a long time ago) as it doesnt and more than likely wont see use... In fact - I've been eyeing the Jessica Rabbit Platinum - and while the LH price of £29.99 is good, £14.99 post amnesty discount is mighty mighty tempting! *contemplates*

NK x

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