Monday, 15 December 2008

Weekend ftw...

My weekend was good. Very good in fact. Things had been a little rocky (to say the least) with R, but somehow things seem to have fixed themselves. I honestly don't know how - and quite frankly I don't intend to probe too deeply into the reasons, but things feel good, they feel resolved. Maybe it's shallow to say it but part of that "knowing" that things are okay is that the sex we had this weekend was probably the best we've had ever. Full on hair pulling, nails in skin, moaning fucking. I'd have worried that we were heard friday night except for the fact we didn't get to it till about 4am and everyone else in surrounding rooms was drunk, stoned or a combination of the two anyway. It's very unlike me to moan and in a way that's something i do hope changes over time. A moan can be very erotic and pleasing to hear coming from your partner, speaking from experience and I'd like to be a bit more vocal. It wasn't an intentional thing though, it was slightly strange in that I was naturally more 'lost in the moment' and free in the whole sex thing and the moaning just happened. The following day when we woke up (afternoon, of course - after all, it was gone 5am before any sleep had been had), hands started wandering... As his fingers worked on my clit, i ran my nails down his back, across his hip, and let my fingers slowly glide towards his hardening cock... Now, its strange; not trying to sound big headed here, but I know I give a damn good hand job it's an undervalued skill if you ask me!) but in the whole of the time I've been with R, I haven't given him one... well, ive started him off like that but it's always progressed to sex. Feeling my clit get a little too sensitive, I push his fingers down into me and he begins to thrust them into me as i continue to wank him. I feel him harden in my hand and he mumbles something incomprehensible while pushing another finger into me. Driven by pure passion and pleasure, i continue, harder and faster... he lets out another moan as i feel his hot cum hit me and cover my skin. Relaxing slightly, i see him looking at me, as he remarks "That was a first". I assume he means in our relationship, but he clarifies that no girl has ever managed to wank all the way to orgasm before. I ask how the hell not, and he says he doesn't know, but none of them ever could... my answer: "ah, but none of them were me." (Damn, recounting that has made me far too horny.... and he's not here. Just me and the toys then...)

NK x

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