Thursday, 11 December 2008

Update on me and a NYE to remember?

I recieved my Tracey Cox mini rabbit today, which I like to an extent, but I can't see it knocking any of my favourites off the top spot. I also got the TC bullet with it, which I haven't tried yet. The real highlights of the mini rabbit for me are the soft feel - it has a lot more 'squidge' to it than a lot of vibes, and it's dinkiness. It's be great if you were going somewhere - or indeed to use if you or your partner were a little nervous about toys. I wasn't so fond of so much of the vibrations going into my hand, though it has to be said the vibrations are felt all the way up to the top. I really can't complain at a tenner for both. I am loving the buy from wishlists option LH have introduced. (sneaky, why yes!) haha.

I've had a post on LH over the last 2 days about my quite suprising level of shyness. It's something I'm working on and I think if nothing else, it's my duty as a sex blogger to get the hell over myself. The ladies and gents there have came up with some interesting ideas, and excellently understand that while I completely understand R thinks I am gorgeous, that doesn't magically fix a person's worries and issues.

Saying all that, in my mission to have a better level of self confidence, and better self image - as well as be a tad more liberated (really, come on!) I'm hoping that by next week I'll be reporting success. Speaking of, tomorrow I finish my official classes at college for this year - christmas break here I come! I do have some revision sessions next week but it should still free up a bit more time for BED than my weeks normally do. There'll still be plenty of stress for me to work away with my toys though, got 2 major assignments due and an exam all happening the first week im back in January - what a joke!

Oh, awesome, awesome thing... NYE looks set to be spent at a house party with R. I was wanting that, it's a little sad, but this will be my first new year kiss which will mean something...

NK x


Marty said...

hey im new to this blog but i like what i have read so far
i love how personal you are with the words!
keep it up and thanks for sharing

LivingFire said...

had a look at your blog too, great work, you're really open which is great to see :)