Friday, 19 April 2013

Review: UberKinky Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps

I was kindly sent the Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps for review by the lovely folks at UberKinky in exchange for an honest review.

These nipple clamps are of the Japanese clover clamp variety. Made of metal, they also have soft rubber tips and a cord to allow weights or attaching to anything else a sadists mind can think up. The grip, though adjustable, is quite intense but incredibly pleasurable - or at least if you have masochistic tenancies it certainly is.

When I received them, the clamps were in cardboard and plastic packaging, which being completely honest, cheapened the aesthetic. I've included a picture of them in the packaging for comparison. Were I to give a set of these as a gift, I would personally unpackage them and wrap them simply in tissue paper or similar to give a classier look.

Now, once out of the packaging I found these to be great. Of course, they're called nipple clamps but that really doesn't cover all the possibilities a creative sadist could think up - if you can pinch flesh, you can clamp it!

Now, it should be stated these probably aren't for those not keen on a little pain, and they are more intense than some other clamps I've tried. Saying that, if you're a fan of Nipple Play they're a great investment and a true classic to add to any toybox.

So all in all, not great packaging, but look beyond that and you'll find a great bit of kit with real bite!

NK xx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Review: Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves

We purchased the Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves in April 2012, and with it being January 2013 now, I've taken a while to get to reviewing them! This long-overdue post is in part because of some minor issues developing with them, but more because we spend a lot of time at parties showing them to people and finding new converts wherever we take them! 

The gloves are made from a soft, thin leather which flexes well with movement, the fingers adorned with prickly metal spikes. At first glance, they could seem like a scary prospect, however they really have a multitude of uses. More on that in a moment. 

They're manufactured in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, however the only UK stockist I know of (and the retailler we purchased the gloves from) offers them in XS, M and XL. We have the XL size, and both Master and I have large hands and find that while they are snug, they do fit. With that in mind, I would caution that if you have significantly larger-than-average hands you may struggle to fit into these.

Used gently, they make for excellent sensation play. Love the feeling of being scratched lightly (or not so lightly) with nails? You'll likely adore these. Nothing creates shivers down the spine like these gloves. If you want a more intense experience, they can provide a rougher scratch or if the user grips their subject while wearing the gloves, they offer a truly stinging sensation. If you're really itching for some more extreme sadomasochistic action, spanking with the Vampire Gloves is a one-of-a-kind experience. Having received such spankings on several occasions, I can say they're high impact and hurt. They will also make you bleed. The subsequent dotty markings you're left with can take up to several weeks to fully disappear (but if you're a hard to mark sub who loves being marked - like me - that can be fantastic!)

Blood is an issue that needs raising with this particular bit of kit. In scratchy play, you run a risk of drawing blood with these, and spanking with them you're almost guaranteed to do so. With that in mind, if you're bothered by blood I'd advise against these gloves (or suggest exercising restraint with pressure in use), and it's worth remembering that blood borne disease is a risk if you opt to use them with multiple partners. 

If you play at home you're free to make your own choices about blood and your comfort with it, but do be aware that fetish clubs usually have rules in place, and many of them have a "no blood drawn" policy. If in doubt, I'd advocate checking with the club owners or the Dungeon Master present.

Now, as we've owned them for 9 months at this stage, we've noticed some wear/issues cropping up. Firstly, some of the spikes have bent over in play. This may be attributable to them having been used to administer spankings. Secondly, some of the spikes have retracted into the glove and Master has to push them back through when he puts them on. The picture below should hopefully illustrate my points.

If you look carefully at the bottom of the pictured finger, the set of four spikes has retracted into the glove. Further up, a spike is bent flat. 

Currently (and as far back as when we purchased them), the Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves retail for £29.95 at Even with the faults we're starting to notice, we still feel this is decent value, as they're one of our favourite items in Master's kit. He really enjoys using them, and they're both adored and feared by me! 

If you want your very own set of Vampire Gloves, they're available here for £29.95 (price correct at time of writing) 

NK x

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Review: Jack Boot Print Wooden Spanking Paddle

We'd been eyeing the Jack Boot Print Wooden Spanking Paddle for a while when we saw that Lovehoney had included it in their post-Christmas sale. When we spotted that they also intended to discontinue the paddle (at least at Lovehoney), we had to have it.

Made by Icon Brands under the Raging Stallion 

The Jack Boot paddle certainly isn't a beginner friendly bit of kit; measuring just short of 19" and bearing a UK size 12 boot sole in thick rubber (so yes, it does smell of rubber, a little like a shoe shop), and hitting just short of a freight train. But more on that later. The rubber sole is mounted on a fairly standard, if large, wooden paddle (so easily doubles up for standard paddle usage), and as such should be noted, this has pretty much no give.

For the sake of truly understanding what those dimentions will mean in your hand, I took a comparitive picture with a Sky+ remote:

As for your testers, Master and I have been into kink for quite a while, and Master's toy bag is overflowing. As such, we've reached a point where we only really want to add different items to the bag. A standard flogger, cane or paddle doesn't hold much appeal when we already have such a wide variety of toys. This is not your standard paddle. I mentioned the dimensions above, and while it does feel lighter than expected given the sheer size of the monster, it's a paddle I could imagine a smaller Dom struggling to wield with adequate control.

Speaking as the submissive on the receiving end of the Jack Boot paddle, I can safely say in play it truly is like no other. Paddles of different materials always feel different, but the addition of a rubber boot sole with a deep tread, makes for an utterly unique sensation. Part of this may be that my Master is rather sadistic and hits like a truck anyway, but this is by far the most painful paddle I have experienced.

I am generally a fan of thuddy pain, and tolerate stingy pain much less well. My relationship with this paddle is, as such, slightly confused. It does hit much thuddier than other paddles I've known, but on top of that there is a white-hot sting that tears the breath from me.

So far, the hits I've received haven't left a lasting imprint of a boot on my behind, but then I am very hard to mark. As such, I intend to update this review once we've been able to try it on a friend who marks much more easily than I do.

Master really enjoyed using this on me, and as much as it hurts like hell, I enjoyed receiving it. The construction seems fantastic, everything is very secure and nothing seems frayed or poorly attached so I'm fairly confident this will remain part of our kit for many years to come, taking the wind from subs wherever it may strike!

I would recommend the Jack Boot paddle to experienced players who want something new and different to add to their kit, but would advise caution to those who are less experienced. Old hat or fresh meat though, I'd advise this is a one to know your own strength on, get a feel for how it hits, and use accordingly!

It's disappointing to see Lovehoney won't be stocking it anymore, though I can imagine it being intimidating to fetish-newbies, so perhaps that has affected sales. However, a number of other stockists do still offer the Jack Boot such as SexShop365.

Overall, we love this!

NK x

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review: Dreamgirl Black Diamond Plus Size Fishnet Garter Dress

I was sent the Dreamgirl Black Diamond Plus Size Fishnet Garter Dress for review by Lovehoney. I had meant to get this review up sooner, but shingles has kicked by butt!

This is the first garment of it's type that I have owned. Being a big girl, it's only really in the last few years I've started venturing into more daring lingerie as I have developed better body acceptance.

First out of the packaging, it looks tiny, in the same way a pair of tights look doll-sized before you get them on. Don't panic, with it being fishnet, that is to be expected and you'll be surprised how much it stretches and conforms to your body. This also means if you're going away for a night, it takes up barely any space in your luggage, which could prove to be very handy indeed.

First of all, this calls itself a "dress". Maybe on a slimmer girl you could call it that, but I'd say it's a lot closer to a body stocking, as it's made of fishnet. Speaking of slimmer girls, you'll notice the promotional shots I have for this are of a particularly slim woman. The pictures Lovehoney use are of a curvier, yet (in my opinion) by no means "plus size" woman for the "queen size" listing of this dress. I am presuming this is what Dreamgirl see as "larger".

Screenshot of Lovehoney's product page and model.

Now, as I am 5'11" and fluctuate between 22 and 26 depending on the outfit, I got the "One Size Queen", which is stated as fitting UK 18-24. I am aware that in terms of clothes size this should be the right size for me, but that in height I am outside the "normal" range of women by a couple of inches or so.

With that said, I found that the fit of the garment overall was much better than expected. The legs are long enough (near enough a miracle), nothing looks too short and everything I'd expect to be covered (or as covered as a fishnet body stocking dress will do), but the shoulders are a problem area. I have fairly average size shoulders for my overall build, but found that the shoulders on this slip, a lot. In reality, it's up to you to judge whether that'd bother you or if what else you might be getting up to at the time would distract you sufficiently!

Considering it is made of fishnet material, it's less scratchy and more comfortable than one might expect. I like the way it's all in one, as stockings and suspenders can be awkward to find in plus sizes.

In terms of where I'd wear it, I'd certainly pick it out for the bedroom. The design means you have the option to allow your partner very easy access and it's definitely raunchy. My partner said he found it very sexy. I could see this being worn to sex or kink parties, at least by the more daring attendees!

Overall, not the type of attire I'd normally pick out for myself, but something a bit different and provided you're comfortable with your shape, something I'd recommend trying.

PROS - Comfortable, sexy, small when not worn for easy packing.
CONS - Shoulders are a problem area for fit.
OVERALL - Mostly a good, if daring, choice. Shoulders will fall down.

The Dreamgirl Black Diamond Plus Size Fishnet Garter Dress is available for purchase from Lovehoney, who kindly sent me the dress in exchange for an honest review.

NK x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Toy with me Tuesday: Glass on Glass

We haven't lived here too long. The kitchen windows have a metal grate against them for security, but it's actually kind of pretty. Plus, glass toys are always beautiful, to me.

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