Thursday, 4 December 2008

I was thinking today about the whole issue of sex toy ownership. Not so much owning "a" sex toy, but multiple toys. The concept of "too many" and all that jazz. Personally I see it in the same way that a child may own a lot of dolls or teddies. I know that might sound a bit wrong, but hear me out! Okay, so I have quite a lot already. I have a pretty hefty order winging it's way to me for delivery (I hope) on Saturday, and yet I know that there will be a time... Not till the new year now, but still in the grand scheme of things, not too far off when I will see some more pretties and have to have them. I'm already budgetting sex toy purchases into student life when i go to uni next year (there's a reason I can live frugally, and yes, that reason really is toys and the like...) Back to the toy analogy. I have some of my older toys that I've had for ages, and still use. Some of my newer ones are amazing too. I'm hoping some that are on their way will blow my mind. There is no reason why anyone shouldn't own lots of the things they like and enjoy. I was suprised to hear about the state of play re. sextoys in Texas today. I honestly had no idea. Maybe that's because I'd never really thought about it, but to hear that there are places where you don't dare call a dildo a dildo, is crazy to me. If you own 6+ dildos, you are seen as promoting them or likely to be distributing them... In forbidden fruit (their not-so-sextoy-store in texas) they really do refer to dildos as "Educational models" and they do not sell vibrators, merely "massagers" (yes, that old chestnut!). They can sell realistic dildos, so long as they don't vibrate, and they can sell vibrators so long as they don't look too realistic. Butt plugs are a whole other matter though, you can shove whatever you like up there. (no penises, though!). It was through the LH forums that i first got to watching this video: (dont ask me to embed, it's totally not behaving for me) Release forms, declarations, counting one's dildos... I'm glad I live in the UK for once, and before I ever emigrate anywhere, I'm checking it's laws on sex toy ownership and purchase!

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