Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb: A Review

Good morning my lovelies. I have been bad. Again. (Hard to believe, I know, but bear with me...) You know how I said last time "Oh, I really can't afford any more new toys, the spending has to stop... yadayada" well that didn't exactly go to plan. I stopped at Ann Summers yesterday and bought the Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb. Now, I normally buy pretty much all my toys from LoveHoney (as you may have noticed), however what with the throbbing action being totally different to anything on the market, Ann Summers clearly saw that and patented it to themselves! I can't blame them, and I suspect any company would have done the same, but more on that later... On to my thoughts!
Things I Love about the Heart Throb: (1) I think the biggest thing has to be that the sensations are totally different. A big factor in why I bought it was because I thought about how I feel when I climax and right after, and I always do the whole contracting, throbbing, spasmy thing... I thought if there is a vibrator to replicate that, it has to be good. I'm also not always sold on a vibrating shaft, I sometimes get a little numbed by that so a different sort of shaft stimulation seemed like a good idea. (2)The material it's covered in is *gorgeous*. Really, it is. If you have a store anywhere near you, go and stroke one if they have models out to touch. It's possibly the nicest feeling vibe I've used in a long time! (3) Multi function rabbit vibrations; the rabbit bit (clitoral stimulator) has several speeds and pulses, not the ridiculously long list that some seem to go for these days, but equally better than the old low/med/high that the old Rabbits used to go for. Things I hate about the Heart Throb: (1) Now, you're warned about this on the box, so there is an indication it may happen, but... The throbbing action stops if it is gripped too tightly. Of course, that is likely- especially as you get closer to orgasm! I've found there is a level it can be pulled out to to get it working and still be pleasurable on me, but many might find this a huge problem. Yeah, just the one "hate"; but it's quite a big one tbh. I also really like that this vibrator doesnt really need to be pulled and pushed and thrusted or whatever like most - for me I find the throbbing action and clitoral vibrations are more than enough, especially with the multispeeds. Some people have said the rabbit is too flexible, or that the ears don't sit right... I did have a few positioning issues, but for me, all that really took to fix was spreading my lips a little more with my free hand... Which personally I find pretty erotic anyway, so it was hot enough to just feed into the whole thing ;) All in all, I don't know if I like the throbbing monopoly in the marketplace too much - the motor issues are probably teething problems with a new type of mechanism, but the easiest way to overcome that in any subsequent models would surely be for many manufacturers to be working on it, not one to be hogging it? I understand why they did it, don't get me wrong, but still. I feel like it's certainly new and different and something to be experienced... But I'm not totally convinced it's earned it's near-£50 price tag. A welcome newcomer to the toy box though. All things considered, I'm glad I gave it a go, but I do feel it could do with some work - so perhaps a Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb 2.0 could make me a very happy girlie?

NK x


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