Monday, 6 April 2009

Come 'Closer'...

I find it interesting how our senses are linked.
Sex, obviously, tends to focus on touch as the most obvious stimulated sense, but stimulation of our other senses is what makes good sex become mind blowing sex.

Thinking about that, today I thought I'd touch (no pun intended there) on the topic of sexy songs.

Some songs are intentionally sexy, that's their whole reason for being. When it's done right, it can be pretty damn good - in the example (in my opinion) of NIN - Closer. It's unashamedly a slice of pure sex... Pure, raw, animalistic fucking, in lyrical form. Undeniably though, there are some that don't hit the mark... for the sake of my sanity, I won't go into them too much here!

My new obsession right now is with Kings of Leon "Closer" (which I swear is a total co-incidence on the track name!) It's said - online - that the song is about a lovesick vampire and I can definately go along with that- on listening to the lyrics it does sound remarkably vampiric. The whole feel of the song is so sensual, so erotic. It gets me hot, to say the least. (You might have noticed, heh)

I also have some that are less obvious - like Spitfire by The Prodigy (don't ask me - I think it's rooted in the soaring female vocals - maybe my mind's converting that to orgasmic screams?)

In fact, I just clicked 'play' on Closer (the Kings of Leon one) for about the 10th time this evening. I can feel my breathing getting deeper and my mouth getting dry... I suddenly become aware of my pulse and a longing to be ravaged and bitten... (go, listen!)

NK x

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