Monday, 6 April 2009

LoveHoney Silencer: A Review

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My Silencer was waiting for me in an oh-so-discreet brown box when I arrived home yesterday. I grabbed the box and excused myself away to my room, immediately!
The now almost iconic LoveHoney packaging is always refreshing in comparison to some of the cringeworthy bimbo-clutching-boobs boxes that still linger out there in the industry!
Upon taking it out of its packaging, I noticed the weight of the toy. It is fairly heavy initially, more so once the two "C" batteries it needs are inserted. The weight is definitely a good thing though as it feels very solid and not hollow and cheap like some plastic vibes can.
Now, I turned to the Silencer as I live at home (with my parents) currently and needed to add a discreet option to my ever-expanding toy box.

The operation is very simple - multi-speed and controlled through a twist base. At its lowest level it is barely audible over the sound of a running computer. As you turn the dial and head for the stronger vibes, it does get louder and I wouldn't call it exactly a 'quiet' model on the highest level, but it is still quieter than many. One difference I did notice was on the removal of the card tube inside the toy - if it's taken out the batteries do rattle around quite a lot, however with them in place, this is reduced a lot.
One other noticeable difference noise-wise is that the sound is a much lower pitch than you might be used to from bullets and other wand type vibes, so that would help it be much less obvious!
It does what it says on the tin, so to speak, though obviously it isn't as all-singing, all-dancing as some newer models.
The only caveat I may add for vibe newbies is that this is "girthier" (as I like to put it!) than some other models, noticeably so as there isn't much taper at the tip. The rippled shaft, however, feels exquisite during penetration!
Pros Volume levels are lower than many, rippled shaft is excellent.
Cons Not quite as quiet as hoped, a little basic in functionality.
Bottom Line A good basic vibe, quieter than many, probably the quietest penetrative vibe around. BUY @ LoveHoney for £14.99 [price correct at time of writing]

NK x

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