Sunday, 19 April 2009

Just a Quick Explanation of Absence.

A brief update from me, and annoyingly 'life-based' it is too... Recent low mood stuff seems to be spilling over into sex life right now, I feel so sorry for R, he must be feelinglike nothing he does is right - though I have appologised for it all and he says there's nothing to appologise for. I really am very lucky to have such an understanding boyfriend... But if nothing else, I'd really like this anxiety/mood crap to go so i can pounce on him <3 cause I'm actually rather fond of that... and right now, it's no good. :( A slightly :( post today guys. Better ones will follow soon enough, I promise.

NK x


Jule said...

Hi LF - loving your blog. I'm sorry to read that you are feeling blue - I hope your mood has lifted in this sunny weather. Big hugs and much lurve from JayGee XXX

LivingFire said...

It seems to have done just that! A couple of days of really nice weather has helped immensely, I think I should probably consider moving to a sunnier climate someday!

And thank you :) :-*