Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Review: Pin Ups (Glitter Bullet + Bombshell Balm Set)

The gorgeous guys and girls at LoveHoney sent me one of these babies to try out, so a huge thanks to them... a really huge thanks. You'll see why soon!

The most striking thing, to me, when I first received the Pin Ups Bullet Balm combo was the packaging. I can honestly say I have never seen better, classier or more collectable sex toy than this one.

The tin, only a little bigger than a common cigarette tin, features one of three pinups, and reveals nothing of the contents. (Mine was the silver bullet with the blonde bombshell on the tin) Were it to tumble from a handbag, it could easily be mistaken for makeup or perhaps a cute tin being used to hold feminine products or hair accessories. Either way, no one would ever guess it housed your bullet vibe! 

Popping the lid off reveals a black solid foam wedge (absolutely no rattling, then!) holding the Bombshell Balm, the glitter bullet, and an extra battery (thumbs up to that!)

Having checked out the balm, it seems that the most significant ingredients come from mint and menthol - not strong enough to make you smell like a cough sweet, but enough to provide one hell of a tingle. Having done a quick taste test, I can also confirm that it has a pleasant, minty flavour!

 I must admit that when I first read that it was a glitter bullet, I expected a sort of glitter overlay, and for it to be quite 'in your face'... The reality is far from it. The glitter effect is provided by the texture the bullet has, more like tiny water droplets on the surface. The end result is classier and more unusual than I'd imagined. Size wise, it's roughly the same as the Tracey Cox SuperSex bullet, and also has the broad, flat tip, rather than the point you'd find on, say, the Ammunition RO-80mm Bullet.

After taking out the paper disk in the bullet (for protection against in-transit buzzies), I cycled through the 3 speeds. The first is a low, heavy sort of buzz, and the highest is a much more high pitched intense buzz, with the middle setting somewhere in between. This may also be the quietest bullet I've tried yet.

Now, putting the two together in use... I dabbed a little of the balm on my clit (advice: less is more. I put a tiny bit on, then a tiny bit more and that was enough - this stuff is VERY tingly!) and watched a little porn as I felt a growing cool tingle spread. Before long, I had to grab the bullet!

I found that for me it worked really well to warm up on the lowest setting, switching up the 'gears' as I approached orgasm... which, boy did I... The orgasm this little baby was easily one of the best I've had in a very long time!

It's waterproof, so cleaning was a doddle, and it's going to be really easy to store as it has such a beautiful case... not that it's going to be put away very often!
Ultimately, I love this bit of kit, and it's easily one of the best things I've tried in a long time. I'd recommend the bullet alone, as between the speeds and the texture it's fabulous. The balm works brilliantly, smells great and tastes good too - what more could anyone want?! On top of all that, it's a glamourous little number, and just purrfect!

Want it? (And I wouldn't blame you!) - get it at LoveHoney now!

NK x

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