Saturday, 28 August 2010

2 Years.

I can't quite believe it's two years already for R and I. It's our anniversary today - and in case you're wondering, I'm not at the computer... god bless blogger's scheduled posting facility!

Our plans for today are pretty basic, taken from our Valentines day celebrations which were brilliant, and very "us" - spending a day, snuggled up together, ignoring the world as much as possible, watching dvds and eating tasty snacks. There will, of course be a watching of this film. I'm not saying it's a classy one, but it's what we went to see at the cinema two years ago today, and we rewatched it on our 6-month anniversary and our 1 year anniverary too... It's become an institution for us, and we intend to keep it up. Besides, we're so childish it still makes us giggle.

So, love and happiness to all of you.
We've got a fair bit of it going on today

NK + R xx

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