Friday, 13 August 2010

On ice...

When I think back to myself as an eighteen year old, only recently introduced to the world of kink by my then on-off girlfriend, one occasion really stands out in my mind.

She'd mentioned BDSM to me not long before and I was still very much in the "unsure" phase. I knew instinctively I was naturally submissive, and that I probably had a small masochistic streak, but aside from that it was all incredibly alien to me; and I felt staggeringly out of my depth just thinking about it and the possibilities.

I found myself once again, in the rock club we frequented at the time, the thumping bass pounding through my body. I saw an all-too familliar glint in her eye as an idea sprung to mind. She knocked back more of her drink, and retrieved an ice cube from her mouth.

Grasping the cube, she slipped her hand down my top and into my bra. Positioning the ice cube directly on my nipple, she warned me to leave it. Or else. I flinched, hard. My nipple stood erect, sensitive and stinging from the intense cold. I closed my eyes for a second, only opening them to see another cube being slid into my left bra cup. Oh, God.

I protested; "But, I'll get a wet bra!"
Not convinced, or at least not caring, she replied that I would just have to fucking cope.

I did. It stung. My nipples were hard the rest of the night, and I can't pretend I'm not wet thinking about it now. There's a reason this is in the freezer now. [US - available here] ;)

NK x

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Abel1234 said...

Very intense; lovely post!