Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Review: Cal Exotics Lil’ Teaser – Pixie

The Lil' Teaser "Pixie" vibrator is the lastest toy that I've been sent by the goregous guys and girls at California Exotics. It's a dinky toy at a little over 3 inches long, with a single speed, and is powered by one "N" battery (included - yay!).

It's easy to turn on; simply by twisting the loop at the end - which is also where the battery goes. I like the simplicity of operation the single control provides, but it does mean you have to be a little careful about tightening/loosening the cap after battery insertion.

As far as feel goes, the Lil Teaser Pixie is made of silicone, and the vibrating bullet housed inside ends roughtly where the ridge (about an inch down) is - meaning that the top inch or so of the vibe is squishy and flexible.

The soft tip of the silicone carries the strong vibrations really well, meaning that this toy excels in clitoral stimulation, and its diminuitive stature means it a good size for the task.

It works well for shallow penetration too, especially as the ridge below the "head" of the toy allows for extra stimulation, and the unusual loop at the base allowed me to try holding it in more unusual angles and positions, which I liked.

I found that I got off mostly through clitoral stimulation with the Pixie, and the squishyness of the head of the toy meant I ould apply a lot more pressure than I normally would, which worked really well.

The packaging says seamless design. In reality there are seams, but the vertical seam running along the toy isn't noticable in use at all, and it doesn't look nearly significant enough to present any cleaning difficulties.

It also claims to be waterproof. It does have the plastic o-ring which waterproof toys need, but as the seal doesn't look quite right where the silicone meets the o-ring on mine, I don't intend to shower with the Pixie anytime soon.

Something that is really appealing about the Pixie is how quiet it is, easily comparible to bullets I own, if not quieter. Combine that with the size and unintimidating feel and I'd recommend it strongly for newcomers to sex toys, and those with privacy issues.

The Lil Teaser Pixie could also make for a really great gift as yet again, Cal Exotics are rocking cringeless packaging - every time I receive a toy with packaging free of half naked women pulling make believe sex-faces, I am glad of the journey sex toy manufacturers have been on in the last few years!

All in all, a good mini vibe with minimal issues, and a comfortable, unintimidating toy!

Having searched retailers for the Pixie, I haven't yet found any UK stockists (If you're a UK retailer who sells this toy, please feel free to email me!) but you can check out all the information on the toy at Cal Exotics' own site.

If you're in the states, EdenFantasys sell the Lil Teaser Pixie - hurray!
Lil teaser pixie - Discreet vibrators - EdenFantasys

NK x

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TheCaraSutra said...

Excellent review as always :) sold the Pixie but it's sold out at the moment! Popular! ;) xxxx