Monday, 23 August 2010

Stop Judging My Shaven Pussy.

Yeah, really. While we're on the subject, stop judging me for shaving it, and stop judging my partner and exes for liking it.

Seeing people say that the only men who'd like a shaven pussy are paedophiles, or 'twisted', and that the only reason women shave is to please men (or some folk are really kind and provide a second option of some kind of childhood trauma)... well, it makes me one angry girlie.

I've seen posts on otherwise forward-thinking sites by people I would otherwise consider to be open minded folk... All slamming the girls who shave and the guys (or girls) who love shaven girls. 

I shave. Big deal? I shave because I want to, for me. The fact R likes it is secondary. I first started shaving at about 16 or 17, and the reason? Not because a boyfriend told me I should, or peer pressure that I ought to... But having read that some women find it can increase sensitivity. I'm not suggesting it always does, by the way. My sensitivity wasn't a problem - I was able to climax fine, and got a lot of pleasure anyway. But I find it hard to resist trying something that so many others have cited as feeling so damned good.

So I did. And after finding I prefer the feel of my shaven pussy, I continued. For me it does increase sensitivity. I enjoy stroking myself more. I like feeling slick with juices on a hairless pussy, and that's all personal choice.

What annoys me really is that I don't insult other folks' choice of lady garden topiary, much less do I insult others and call them incredibly offensive names for enjoying the pubic styles they do. It's all good.

How about we all wear our styles however we want, and fuck people who like it, and be happy?

And stop picking on other peoples' choice.

NK x


Brettstersview said...

I agree.

Also, a shaven pussy facilitates better oral sex (No-one wants to come back up from there with a hair in their mouth - total mood kill!).

TheCaraSutra said...

I completely agree. I love it bare, barer the better. Hate that hair grows there at all!

I really do not understand the opinion that some have, that women who shave their pussies have childhood issues, or maturity problems - and the implication that men who enjoy the sight, feel and sensation of a bare pussy are some kind of kiddy perverts is quite frankly disgusting!!!
We are women, grown women, we like it smooth and bare... deal with it!!

Another great blog post hun thank you xxxx

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