Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Review: Cal Exotics Coture Collection Amante Remote Egg.

I was sent the Amante remote egg by Cal Exotics to review a little while ago and have been hopelessly tardy in getting the review up! Hell, I've taken forever to try it full stop, due to life stuff getting in the way (which pretty much sucks)...

This egg is flagged on the Cal Exotics site as "coming soon", and likely for that reason, I can't find it on any of the stores I usually shop at.

At first glance, the box is decent. It's a whole lot sturdier than the Cal Exotics boxes used to be, which is great. It makes no bones about what it contains, but it also isn't tacky or cliched either, so I'm happy with that.

Hailling from the recently developed higher end Couture Collection line,  what you get with this toy is a two piece set, consisting of an egg made of silicone with a stretchy cord, and a matching plastic remote which works up to 5 meters away. The egg needs two N batteries and the remote, a single 12v battery - both of which are comparitively rare and therefore a little more expensive than, say, standard AA/AAA batteries. However, California Exotics have provided the first set, so hopefully it'll be a while before I need to worry about sourcing new ones.

I found the egg to be really comfortable when inserted, and while I'd certainly be a lot more turned on than usual, I could easily go about every day activities with the Amante in. Turning the egg on (via the remote), alllows you to cycle through 7 speeds and patterns of vibration, and all are fairly quiet. I know of quieter vibes, but only bullets. Saying that, when it's inside, given a normal level of day-to-day background noise, I don't think it'd be noticed.

The speeds felt different enough without feeling wildly opposed, and they definitely got me off. I think where this vibe would excel would be in a public play setting or generally in partnered play. It would definitely be hot to hand over the remote to a significant other and allow them to give you a thrill while at the bar or in the cinema, and is a great way to enjoy the feeling of public play without running the risk of being arrested!

I can't help but also set my mind to wondering about the toy's applications in a D/s setting - if you enjoy that kind of dynamic, a Dominant playmate or partner holding the remote could get a lot of fun out of making their sub squirm in awkward settings...?

Anyway, all in all, not a toy I plan to use a lot, but one that handles the right situation really, really well. Not to mention being the most comfortable and pleasurable of the remote eggs I've tried.

Read all about the Amante egg at the California Exotics site.

NK x

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