Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Review: Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe

Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe

The Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe is one of the latest developments in what is easily their best known range of toys. Once given notoriety by Sex and the City in "that" episode where Charlotte refuses to leave her apartment, women both across the pond in the States and right here in good old Blighty were clamouring for their own buzzing bunny.

Rightly so, of course, as many women have found them to be the holy grail of vibrators. With a shaft that does things (virtually) no penis can do, and those sensationally stimulating ears ready to buzz you straight to heaven, it's no wonder they've maintained their place at the top of the toy tree.

The Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe promises to take everything the Rampant Rabbit has created and up the ante, adding a thrusting shaft - finally tackling what other penetrative vibes could never do (short of a sybian!) - actually thrust into you.

I was lucky enough to get my mitts on one of these little beauties, and have spent a few sessions now thoroughly testing (for your benefit of course, it's a hard life!) what this bunny can really do.

When you get the Thruster, you need 3 AAs to get it going, and some lube would be an idea unless you tend to take slightly girthier toys well. It's not a monster, but it does have a respectable girth and many ladies will need a little help to lube up. The controls have been kept uber simple - ideal for those moments when you're too lost to know what the hell you need to press. 4 buttons - an up and a down for both the thrusting shaft and the buzzing clitoral stimulator. Set the speeds, and away you go!

In use, the thrusting really blew me away. In all honesty I'd expected it to slow down or even stop under the pressure (I know I tend to "clamp down" a little when I get into it!) but it really didn't! The concertina'd bit is where all the action springs from, and this allows loads of variation depending on how you like to play. The only real limitation is your imagination!

This is one vibe you actually can just hold there and it does the rest of the work. However, I'd recommend trying other positions too, such as straddling the toy or holding it so the thrusts dip in and out, as this has a better chance of stimulating the g-spot.

The rabbit ears buzz on three speed settings; low-med-high, so no pulses or gradient settings, but in all honesty I didn't feel it needed it. There's already enough going on with the thrusting and buzzing.

In a nutshell, I had a great time wiht the Thruster. It's no wonder the This Morning panel gave it 10/10! I'd say it's a great option for single girls too, who may be missing couple-sex, or even for those in relationships as the possibilities (giving head while being fucked by a vibe? I think so!) are endless.

If you've been wavering, stop. Just go and try it already.

Available from Ann Summers: Direct Link - Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe

PS! here's a video about how it works! It's the official one, not by me, hence why I left it till the end!

NK x

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