Saturday, 24 April 2010

Review: B Cute Pearl

are a comparitively recent addition to the sextoy market. Founded in 2007, they have a focus on sleek, chic and classy toys and accessories to really spice up your lovelife. The company emphasise the toys having different personalities to satisfy you no matter what your mood or desire in any occasion, and pride themselves on striving to make taboo about toys a thing of the past.

I was lucky enough to be sent a B Cute Pearl by recently, in exchange for an honest review, and they were kind enough to let me share my thoughts here too!
 The first thing I was really struck by when I opened up the discrete parcel was the packaging of the toy. It's really classy, coming in a black-and-pink box, with a rather attractive ladyperson on the front in a totally non-tacky, instead quite seductive, picture. It'd make for a great first impression if it were a gift, as so many toys come in truely classless packaging that can be incredibly offputting - especially for those newer to toys.

Annoyingly, I haven't been able to find a bigger picture of the packaging (I promise I'll start taking my own product pictures just as soon as I can get a camera that will do anything justice!) but the picture to the left demonstrates the 3 colourways of the toy's different packaging colours, and the style of the box. Like I say, really classy, no? Upon opening the box, I was delighted to find a silky black storage pouch lying alongside the toy, making the dinky vibe even more portable. Add that to the fact that all it takes is a single AA battery, and it's probably one of the easiest and cheapest to run toys I own.

 I got the Petal Pink colour toy, and upon touching the vibe, the silky smooth silicone feels truly top quality and luxurious. I found myself a little disappointed that there is a seam from moulding the toy, which I personally felt let the toy down a little, considering how polished it seemed elsewhere. Add that to the fact that the cap feels a little cheaper than the rest of the toy (though, again, this is really nothing more than an aesthetic issue as I think it comes down to it being formed of white plastic - in use, the twist-to-operate cap performs very well) and I couldn't help but wish those tiny alterations had been made and the Pearl could have easily punched far above its sub-£30 priceband, easily into the 'luxury toy' category.

 Saying that though, I still feel it measures up well to other clitoral toys. I say clitoral, as at 3 inches insertable, it really isn't going to feel too "filling" if inserted and really excels at focussed vibratons around the clit. Still, for vibe virgins or those who aren't keen on deeper, probing sensations, there's no reason why the B Cute Pearl shouldn't be enjoyed as a penertrative vibe. I wouldn't recommend it for anal use as it lacks a flare so could pose a risk of disappearing into parts of the body vibrators should never visit!

In use I was pleased to find that the multi-speed vibrations travel well into the toy rather than the cap, as so many clit vibes do. Silicone is a great material for vibration to carry through though, and this clearly helps. The bumps allow for a number of ways to play, both inserting the toy and through clitoral play, wether it be grinding along its petite length, or riding it to angle it into the g-spot.

Considering all the factors, I really like the Pearl. It's easy to clean, easy and cheap to run, unintimidating, unobtrusive and portable too!

The B Cute Pearl is available now at for £23.95* in Petal Pink, Rose and Royal Purple now!

NK x  

*price correct at time of writing

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