Saturday, 24 April 2010

Why Gordon Brown Made Me Rant.

You may have read the title and been surprised at the political nature. Firstly, anyone who has me added to twitter (I'm @NymphetamineKis) will probably know what I'm like. I'm very political, but this post isn't exactly about politics, more public speaking, perhaps.
I found myself ranting at the TV the other night when R and I watched the second leaders debate. Brown used the phrase "Gay or straight". Some will say that this sparking my annoyance is my pettiness or me being overly sensitive, but to me it is reinforcement of a society-wide tenancy to expect sexuality to neatly fit in one of two boxes. I posted about non-binary sexuality acceptance (or lack thereof) at EdenCafe a while ago in a post titled The Best of Both Worlds or Lost in Limbo? You may want to go have a look at the full post there if you have the time and are interested in sexual identity.
Now, I've already written at some length about why I feel society as a whole needs to start including those of us who tick the 'none of the above' box in the gay/straight category.
The thing is, I really feel that the only way to herald any kind of change in societies sexuality lexicon, comes through examples and setting the standard of what is the norm. A little like we wouldn't simply pick out two subgroups from all ethnic minorities, but rather would refer to ethnic minorities in the most inclusive terminology possible, we need to start including those who are neither and both in sexuality.
Alterations in terminology from the top (so to speak) are what could help bring society's perception of non binary sexuality away from the 'teenage/confused/phase' logic, and into the realm of validity.
So, Gordon. Please stop leaving me out. It makes me wonder if you think I don't exist, or simply don't matter.
NK x

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Anonymous said...

I tweeted about this on my vanilla twitter, it was something I picked up on as well. I guess it's just because trying to list every marginalised group would take too long, but you could just say 'no matter what their sexuality'. I think it's a case of people not thinking, not realising. But speaking up about it is the best way - fight the good fight! It's interesting the idea that it will help people confused about their sexuality, you're very right.

---Amy xxxx