Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Last Night

He appeared behind me. The evening had been tame, we'd each not long been home from visiting family at Easter. Suddenly, his lips graze my neck, accompanied by the savagery of his teeth delicious pain, as he tastes my flesh... His hands roam to my breasts, for they are his to use, with his hot breath still at my neck, I am commanded: "Stand up." A pause, then further instruction, "and turn around". I rise, and face him. He pulls me in, and kisses me. Roughly, passionately, hungrily. His tongue probes my mouth, caressing and using my own. My vest is removed, and my bra in quick succession. His eyes feast upon my breasts, quickly followed by his hands... Their sumptuous delicate nature in harsh contrast to his abuse of my nipples, making me stretch and contort and pain and joy. He tugs down my black jeans, leaving me in only my girly Hello Kitty knickers. Commands come forth once more, I am to turn, and bend over. The seconds between assuming this vulnerable, exposed position and his return to my behind feel like hours. The first sharp stings lash across my backside, only slightly dulled by my knickers. He pauses only long enough to pull down my knickers, then begins to swing the flogger once more. Direct contact to my fleshy bottom, and the flogger cracks me harder. And harder. And harder. I cry out. Restrained, as far as I can.. I know we have at least one housemate at home. But also because I want to take this and more. To cry out too hard would be some kind of weakness. My arse grows hotter as the strikes land in quick succession Just when I think he's never going to stop, I hear the flogger land on the bed. I stay still, I haven't been told to move. I feel his hands part my bum cheeks, holding the fleshy mounds apart, my hole exposed. His tongue quickly skims across my my asshole. I can't hold back my cries, such delicious ecstasy. His tongue laps furiously, circling me, then dipping. He delves deeper and I work not to scream. As he comes back up, he frees his cock, pushes me further over, and takes me. As he fucks me, he drags his nails down my back. I hear myself moan, and don't care. As my back arches, he grabs a fistful of my hair, and pulls, hard.
He stops, slick from my juices. I'm told to stand, and face him. He kisses me forcefully once more before commanding me to kneel. I drop to my knees, as he strokes himself in my face. "Take it" he tells me, and I take his cock into my mouth. As I suck, lick and lap at his glistening cock, I'm ordered to play with my tits. I feel his cock stiffen further in the final throes of pleasure, as he forces himself further into my face. I swallow every drop.

NK x


Cara said...

Delicious, carnal and lust inciting blog! Mmmm... feeling decidedly hotter and wetter after that torrid read. Thank you! xxx

Spanky said...

Great post, really sexy. Sounds like you had a great time. Got to agree with Cara, feeling pretty hot after reading it. Loved the finish, so to speak:-)

talisman said...

oh gosh that turned me on im rock hard from reading that :D

LivingFire said...

:D My work here is done :P

LF x