Wednesday, 31 March 2010

On the Topic of Nipples...

Something I've noticed come up a lot in the search terms people find via is nipples. "Nipple play", "pretty nipples", and perhaps slightly stranger - "huge nipples" all led people to my writing. In all honesty, at least for the last one, I've done the googling and I'm undeniably perplexed as to how they ever got to me.

Still though, I like nipples. So welcome to any and all nipple aficionados! I'm considering a nipple piercing. Two, to be exact. If they happen, it'll be next month (for financial reasons). I haven't entirely decided yet though. For aesthetic reasons, I'm certain I want them. However... I do like nipple play. And I don't know how they'd affect that long term. (I know that during the initial healing phase one would have to be somewhat careful... to say the least!)
 These babies are the Spartacus Broad Tip, Chain Link Nipple Clamps. Bit of a mouthful, admittedly, but amazing on the nipples. They're my first - and so far only - set of nipple clamps. But I do adore using them. Just having them on while R fucks me is electric (not literally, electrostim fans ;) )... Feeling the cool metal chain heavily snake across my cleavage, as my tits bounce rhythmically to his thrusts... mmm...

 The constant nipple stimulation does a lot for me too - as I said, I'm a big fan of nipple play and leaving his hands to roam elsewhere is a very good thing! I've found myself using these on my own too, when masturbating. They're a really easy way to pleasure myself in more ways at once than my hands would allow me to. Of course, if you've followed this blog for very long at all, you'll know how into pain I am - and these don't let me down. They're fully adjustable so you can alter how hard they're going to grip though, so don't think they're only for the seriously perverted! ;)
I also own the "Perfect Nipple Suckers". As a review I once read said, they do make you look a tiny bit like a sex alien. However, they're a lot of fun too! I'd say these little delights are more for pleasure without the pain - a touch of lube on to them, and an authentic nipple sucking can be yours, even when flying solo. I have to confess to another use I found for them though... One can be used considerably further south to delightful effect. I love to have my clit sucked when I get oral, and these can really get me going!

 So... with my undeniable kink for nipple-love out in the open... can you see my predicament? Piercing them would make me hornier, and I'd love the look of them. R agrees, and is all for it. I also love the idea of them being permenantly erect! Fucking hot. However - will that mean I can't be clamped again? Will that make me too sad? Or will the consolation prize of being pierced make up for that?

A little favour from my sexy, seductive readership if you will... For those of you with pierced nipples - how have they affected your nipple play? After the initial heal, was there anything that had to be abandoned? Help me with this and I'm sure there can be post-piercing pictures when they're all done... if they happen! ;)

NK x

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