Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bargains Galore at Springtime!

I don't do that many of this sort of post these days, but I really felt this deserved some attention! LoveHoney are running a bargain week! I always love these, normally - as this time - the level is set at a tenner a toy, and some of the greatest little pleasure-givers are cherry picked from the LH vaults for some seriously bargainous swag. From the ranks of these bargains, I've selected the top toys I'd recommend you nab while they'll still leave you with plenty of change in your (electronic) pocket! First up, the Evolved Fleur De Lis Bliss Waterproof. I have, and love, the Evolved Waterproof Amore True Love Edition - review here - so I couldn't resist treating myself to another evolved toy! As I mention in the previous review, one of the fantastic things about Evolved toys is how gorgeous their packaging is - as you can see from the picture! There are a range of Evolved toys down to a tenner this week, so do check them out while you can still grab them at such a fantastic rate! Next up, the iTap Gspot vibe! Now, it really wasn't so long ago I reviewed this baby, and you may remember how much I raved about it. If you don't, go. read. now! I was lucky enough to be sent one of these little wonders by Cal Exotics, and really loved it. I've been hunting for a good gspot vibe that works well for me for a long time, with the rock chick decidedly not rocking my world, and countless other toys being fun but not really finding that magic spot, I was starting to give up hope and presume my gspot had enrolled in some kind of witness protection scheme... As it turned out - and was perfectly proven by this vibe, gspot joy is all about the angle. It's my presumption that this is why gspot toys seem to be love or hate entities, like the rock chick for example. It all comes down to our own angles! But if, like me, you've tried a few gspot toys and not made much progress... Try this! Last up, I wanted to mention the Mounty Realistic vibe. I don't own this toy, but I do own it's slightly older brother, which is a very similar toy in purple, though it does has less detail and is generally smoother. I mention these toys though, because I've read so many reviews of suction cup dildos and vibrators where the reviewers were disappointed that the toy had a really poor suction cup - which is often the whole reason they'd bought that particular toy. The appeal is definately there - especially for those of us who enjoy being taken from behind, or being on top - the opportunity to be able to replicate those delicious sensations seems to be offered - but with a poor suction cup, it's never going to work. I can't be certain about this toy, but it's purple older brother worked like a dream for me - with a good strong suction cup that's enabled it to travel around desks, laminate flooring, tiles... you get the picture! Anyway, happy sale shopping in this bargain week!

NK x

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