Friday, 26 March 2010

Review: Ann Summers White Chocolate Body Paint

I like to lick. I just thought you may like to know. I also like to be licked. Preferably, lots.

Valentines day saw me gather a whole host of naughty treats to share with my man. We ate chocolate-dipped strawberries, cuddled up in bed... oh, and I got a good flogging. All in all it was a great day.

And what made it even better was when he took out one of the presents I got him, and made my breasts dessert... The White Chocolate Body Paint 150g from Ann Summers made for a sticky end to our valentines day - when drizzled onto a body and allowed to coat soft skin, it is divine. I'll be the first to say, it does look a little like cum, but personally, that only added to the experience and made it all the hotter for it.

The sensation of his tongue licking the sticky sweetness from my nipples made me insatiably turned on, so finding his cock at mouth level made me a very happy girl... He squeezed some of the chocolate out, allowing it to drip from him - only enhancing the appeal... After having eagerly lapped it up, I can safely say we'll be returning to this for future dessert-in-bed options!

Available at Ann Summers for a bargainous fiver!
(Or go straight to the body paint here: White Chocolate Body Paint 150g)

NK x

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