Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Eden Cafe: The Care and Keeping of Bisexuality in a Straight Marriage

This article, on Eden Cafe, really spoke to me, hence why I felt the need to point you guys to it. 

The Care and Keeping of Bisexuality in a Straight Marriage

"I was really happy with my choice to marry a man. But there was always that obnoxious nagging that I liked girls. No really, I liked girls. I wasn’t planning to marry one, I didn’t want to leave my husband, but sometimes…"

Go read the whole article at Eden Cafe now! Really, go...

Okay, you back? I really enjoyed the article and empathised greatly with the position. It can, sometimes, feel like a no win situation to be in and it helped to see someone else who found themselves in a similar quandry. I commented on the post:

"As a monogamous-identified, bisexual female in a long term relationship, this article really spoke to me. I've been having real difficulties lately with my longing for women and it's prompted me to feel 'shakey' in my long-championed belief that bi folk can be in a single, steady, mono relationship with either gender without the 'bi thing' affecting it…
As of now, I don't see a resolution for it. A bit of flirting with friends, a lot of fantasising about girls, yes… but I don't see any more than that, as fundamentally we're mono. For all the good and bad that brings."

Sure, the Mr and I may not be married (yet?) but cohabiting and in a long term relationship isn't too far removed, and if you follow me here or on twitter you'll know my girl-lusting is only getting worse... *sigh*.

NK x

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