Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Kink Fail?

So, this club is in a town not far from me. It's called Legends and being of the rock variety, I have been there once or twice (maybe a little more in my younger days ;) ).

Earlier this month they launched a new night called Suspiria Saturdays, which started out with a night promising "rock, fetish, metal, gore"...

Now, it's hit the papers.  From what has been said, regulars and newbies to the club felt the acts went far beyond what was billed - and I'm inclined, from what has been said, to agree. If nothing else, full frontal male nudity wasn't advertised - and while 'gore' was stated, implied rape...? Talk about triggering.

Now, I'm of the opinion rock clubs should be a bit dirty, seedy and sexy... But from the second I saw what is meant to be a rock club, dipping its toes in the waters of fetish, I had bad feelings. There is are perfectly good reasons why there are rock clubs and there are kink clubs, and I really think rock clubs should stick to what they are, and leave the kink for the kink clubs.

I don't think I'm a prude by any stretch of the imagination, and if I'd been there (I wasn't, the Mr was) I doubt I'd have been shocked or offended by what I saw... But I do think it is up to the punter to choose what they want out of their night - and unlike some supporters of the event, I don't think what is being alleged of the night is covered by the poster - whether that be good old fashioned rock and roll, or something a good deal kinkier. 
The cynic in me would be inclined to point out that there was a day that the rock scene in the North East didn't need gimmicks to get people out and partying... In all honesty though I still believe it doesn't. But club promoters will believe what they want. 

There's even a bit of me that's irked at the marketing and consumerification of fetish. Stop taking what is a life for some folk and making it into a fucking selling point of your obscenely commercialised rock club already! 

The bit that really concerns me though, is that the NE fetish scene has had it's share of dramas and controversies of late and we really could do with getting away with that - and unfortunately, many of the public won't differentiate, or maybe comprehend the difference, between a rock club playing at being 'sick and twisted' and the real fet scene.

NK x

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