Monday, 25 October 2010

Lies for the Liars

Picture reproduced under Creative Commons. From NeoGaboX on Flickr.

So. I've avoided stating my opinions on the FauxHo drama until now. Largely because I still wanted to see what else would come out, who would provide evidence either way, and formulate my thoughts from there.

As things stand right now, I am reluctant to judge whether Alexa is Alexa or Pat. There are people swearing one way and another, and I'd say the only way we'd know he definitely isn't is for Alexa to reappear - which clearly she isn't going to do... I'm the first to defend cyber anonymity, and that's her choice - but I would suggest that deleting your site is going to make you look a hell of a lot more suspicious...

The thing is though, that there are so many more accounts of how the info 'Alexa' posted was untrue than there are accounts backing her credentials - take the blog entry refuting her academic background for example - and while I'm the first to say you hardly need a degree to know a thing or two about sex, I don't agree with the bullshit. I really hate being lied to, what can I say?

I don't think that despising lies and being fond of net anonymity are totally incompatible, though. Lies for lies sake hack me off. Name switches, location alterations etc work just fine for me. If you want to post a fantasy or piece of erotic fiction, that's cool... But personally, I'd normally label it as such. Either way, everyone's more than entitled to do as they please on their own blog. But within that, I still have no time for people who BS about their qualifications. Not least because of the potential backlash it could have on that place or facility.

Another thing that I think is bugging me right now is the attitude of some folk who are acting like the concept of him 'just' tricking sex workers makes it somehow okay, or 'less bad' than if he'd tricked normal women... (As tweeted by furrygirl) If he did trick newbie escorts into seeing him, then that is not cool. Lets be realistic here - a lot of the fetishes and kinks do match up. But I don't know, that's true. I can say though, that I look upon it with discomfort.

Beyond that, I found myself really annoyed with her content stealing. As an escort, providing pics of oneself is hardly unusual - basic shots that show clients, in broad terms, who you are. Sometimes not personally identifying, but ones that will allow them to assess if you're their type and know who they'd be meeting... So to steal a cam girl's pictures, to me, seems odd.

All in all, I'm not convinced I can make myself feel any less creeped out by it all. And I don't trust the situation at all. I don't have the power to judge if they are who they say they are - but with the volume of untruths that have been shown to be fake... I'd find it hard to believe the day from "Alexa" without double-checking.

NK x

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Janie said...

I've missed a lot of the drama over the weekend, but I definitely agree with you. If you want to make up an online persona and post bullshit about your life, that's fine. I'd rather a bit more authenticity to my sex bloggers but everyone is entitled to a fantasy. But don't use it to trick people into having sex with you, into putting their personal safety at risk because they trust your persona. So not cool.