Friday, 5 February 2010

Review: Cal Exotics C-Teaser.

Okay, so as an aside I debated briefly with myself whether to post this as 'C-Teaser' or 'Clit-Teaser' - as Cal Exotics and certain retailers seem to differ. That and the fact I feel C-Teaser sounds a little more coy than I'd like. Still, I went for what the packaging states!

On to more interesting things! I'd like to quickly thank Cal Exotics for having me on board as a Sexpert with them, and for providing this toy to test.
This was actually my December review toy, so if you thought this seemed overdue, you were right. I keep having fights with couriers to actually get my pretty buzzies delivered. I'm currently repeating the process for January's toy! Upon first glance at the packaging, I was expecting this to be a more 'hollowed-out' shape than it is. The scoop shape which is designed to fit the female contour is actually quite a thick bit of pink, translucent, jelly rubber [apparently, it's TPR or 'skin safe rubber', regardless, it's phthalate free, which is the significant bit!].

I have to admit, I do feel the packaging could be improved, seeing as it goes for the 'busty blonde' route, however on the bright side, she's not in a metallic bikini, so it could be worse, I guess.
Saying all that though, we know better than to judge a book by it's cover, or indeed a sex toy by it's box, surely?

This picture shows the design a little better - the contoured jelly houses the vibe, which is somewhere between a large bullet and a smallish egg. It takes a nice, easy to find pair of AAs and is wired to the seperate control unit as you can see. One thing I was really pleased about was the fact Cal Exotics included an OFF switch! This may seem obvious I know, but so many manufacturers make it so the user has to cycle through all the options before finally reaching off!

I found the jelly teaser nestled quite well, with the form being a reasonably good shape. The stregth of vibration is about average, with 10 settings, ranging from really quite low to intense. I found that while it was enjoyable, and the shape made for a different experience to most clit vibes, it couldn't get me off on it's own. In that respect, I'd say the name is an excellent representation of what the toy does well; it's an enjoyable warm-up toy, and it certainly did that for me.

The main let down for this toy, in my opinion, is that the jelly doesn't quite conduct the vibrations as well as it feels it should. Perhaps it's just a touch too dense? Either way, I'd be curious to test a silicone re-make of this toy.  

All in all - a nice addition to the collection, but a toy best used for a teasing warm up rather than the 'main event'. For full product info, go to the Cal Exotics website Available to buy @ LoveHoney [£22.99 - price correct @ time of writing]

NK x

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