Friday, 26 February 2010

Review: Spartacus Broad Tip Nipple Clamps

I am a huge fan of nipple stimulation. Since I first became what I'd class as "sexually aware", I've known that nipple play really turns me on. It doesn't help that I have pretty sensitive nipples, so they get hard pretty fast too - it's no great shock that they tend to get a lot of attention off R! Still, though, more and more so recently, I've found that if I'm indulging in a little self-pleasure, I really need to put my nipples through some torture of my own to get off. What others might think of this little habit is another matter entirely... So, when I saw these on I couldn't resist giving them a go!
As you can see from the picture, they're fully adjustable with rubber tips for comfort, and easily one of the best value nipple clamp / chain combos out there at under a tenner. Since I got these, they've become a staple of solo play, allowing me to get the nipple stimulation I crave, yet leaving my hands free to wander elsewhere... In partner play they're great fun too, adding a real visual element enhancement as well as allowing both our hands and mouths to do other things.

They also make it possible to apply more constant pain rather than the slightly more variable pain that finger-based pulling and twisting of nipples gives. Another look at those rubber tips! As I mentioned before, the fact that these are fully adjustable should make them suitable for both those who like their nipples to be stimulated but not hurt and those who want pain. Saying that, if they're on too slack, they will fall off, so they need to have a reasonable grip to work, so it's probably preferable if you like a side of pain with your pleasure [and why wouldn't you? ;)]

The other thing I really love about these is the chain - it's nice and thick which of course provides a nice weight to them allowing for more of a tugging sensation [utter bliss] and the coolness of the chain as it moves with my bouncing breasts as R fucks me is delicious. All things considered, these may be my first nipple clamps but they certainly won't be my last, and I'll definately look to Spartacus again in the future! I'd recommend these primarily to those who enjoy a little nipple pain, but would suggest the curious give them a go too! You can check out the whole Spartacus range and see who they are and what they're about here. Spartacus Broad Tip Nipple Clamps are available to buy for £9.95 at [price correct at time of writing]

NK x


Jennifer said...

Great, useful review, thanks hun x

LivingFire said...

Thanks :) I blame you for the fact that I *had* to own a set of my own, actually! Damn you :P

LF x