Monday, 13 July 2009

a little hello...

Right now we’re still stranded internet-less. It’s terribly frustrating! We have our BT line going in today (that’s another contentious issue, the woman from the lettings agency said there was a line already in and active… but now we’ve had to pay out £122.50 to get one put in? Harrumph, I say) and then I’m calling our new ISP tomorrow to see about getting back online. Could be anything from 2-4 weeks, according to their website. Still though, we’re finding ways and means of entertaining ourselves. Currently, though I’m a little bored. It’s 11.40 am and I got up at like 9. Doesn’t sound like long I know but with no one else up the time does drag a bit it’s fair to say. The OH is still snoozing, and seeing as we’ve been routinely waking at 6am then only managing to doze after that (thanks, LL, for the paper thin curtains – they’re especially fun at the ‘sunrise’ side of the house – where our BEDROOM is… cheers, really*), I’ve gone for letting sleeping boyfriends lay. *we have seen some very sexy black and red ones, a damask style number… but due to our leaky wood (make your own jokes to that) above our window… well we’re not buying them only for them to get ruined… One thing I’m really loving about this place though, is the living with the boyfriend. There wasn’t much action for the first few days due to a visit of the Mother Nature variety, but we seem to be more than making up for it now. The other day, we ran upstairs for a quickie while we waited for our dinner to cook (very fun, and only got disturbed by one particularly puppy-dog-like housemate *after* we’d finished, which was handy) and then that night… blew my mind. I’m certain I’ve mentioned on here before that my buzzy butt plug is, in my opinion, a must buy for anyone who enjoys anal (must check once I’m back online if I have reviewed it yet – I have a sneaking suspicion that I haven’t) and that night only confirmed what I knew; if anything I’d say it was even better than our previous run with it… ah, I do love a good ass fucking. *sigh* Haha, I forgot to mention a particularly cringe-worthy incident that occurred on moving day… My boyfriend’s dad and sister helped us move (my move was over a 2 separate days, on the moving day itself it was just me, the essentials and the toys (didn’t want parents moving them for me, it felt a bit weird)) and all was going well. I’d been very thorough to go through my toys and take all batteries out of any buzzy ones… or so I thought. We’d got to the house and either my boyfriend’s dad or sister had brought through my bags from the car while I’d been busy doing something else (possibly having a nervous breakdown) and when I came to take one of them upstairs to ditch them, I felt a buzzing coming from my bag. “FUCK” I believe was my first thought. I tried not to let it show on my face and dashed upstairs to find the offending item – a bang bang bunny that I’d forgotten to slip the triple A's out of. FAIL! Not sure if they noticed, but I rather hope they didn’t! As a last note, ive bought the mr a present from LoveHoney. I haven’t told him yet – he knows I got something the other day and has asked but I keep refusing to tell him for the time being… I cant say on here yet as he is a member of LH and may indeed get to here (if you read this, not that im saying you’re snooping, just y’know… :P) so for the time being the pressie shall stay unnamed. I’m currently still a bit chicken to either ask him if he likes the idea, or just get it out and start using it. It’s pretty mundane to be fair, and diamonds – if you’re reading this I think you got one for your OH. (The thing you had to get replaced)The reason in my case why I got it was not only cause if I had a dick I’d want to try it (and for that reason, I think he may like it) but also because I have a few issues in bed. I’m not going to deny that and I have overcome so much in the time I’ve been with the mr but there are certain things.. well a thing… that still really needs work. (And not to get to psychological on you here, but I’m working on what I think is a very sound psychological theory that if I alter the situation enough, it won’t fit my schema, and I’ll handle things better (for one particular thing this is) hell, maybe even really enjoy it!) Right, I’ve blithered long enough at you! Hope to be back online soon, so I can see you all again and so I can post this!

NK x


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