Thursday, 12 February 2009

A mini update

I've been too quiet for too long I think! Sorry guys and girls! A little update on life in general firstly... College is still going well - more results from the latest rounds of exams gave me 2 more distinctions and a merit in the subject I was sure I had failed, so I'm rather pleased to say the least. I don't remember if I'd mentioned it last time (or hell if I'd even had it then) but I've had an offer from the uni I want to go to, and since then I (and the others) have signed for and paid the deposit on our shared house we're going to live in! Scary news though - the contract is going to start quite a bit earlier than I expected - I had been thinking moving date would be mid September but now it is actually the start of July! It'll be alright though, and I can't wait to share a bed every night with R! On the subject of R, I was over at his last weekend - as I do most weekends. Largely, the weekend was spent watching dvds, as is common for us. I haven't drank in quite some time though and recently decided to start drinking again - if nothing else, in readiness for my 21st, the summer (which will no doubt be an intoxicated affair) and the train wreck I will become in September/October... Yeah, you guessed - FRESHERS! After our night out and spending some time at a friends, we got back over to the flat and naturally, the night progressed to much naughtier things... I haven't told him this (his ego is big enough, believe me!) but no man has made me cum as hard as I did when he fingered my ass and sucked my clit. It helps, I think, that he's not afraid to go for a little biting... On the subject of biting etc though, I have two corkers on me at the moment, but the most impressive thing has to be the scratch and nail impressions on my back - they drew blood and still are bleeding whenever I scratch them! Oops! Good though, bloody good...

NK x

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