Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy new year!

And here we are, 2009! I have no idea how that happened, frankly! I had the most amazing NYE. I honestly don't think I could ever have a better time. It wasn't anything fancy - a houseparty with my better half and his friends, who seem to have fairly well adopted me into their social circle :) It was a civilized bash, all red wine and soft lighting... (well, no wine for me but less said about my begrudging sobriety the better!) My new years kiss was with the man I love. Life is sweet. Life became even sweeter when we headed back to the flat for the first sexings of 2009... And my god, did the first session go with a bang.. There are worse places to be than handcuffed, legs spread and a certain someone's tongue working hard... I am also rather proud that I got over my toy issue and got intimate with my glass dildo for my man. That was very good.

NK  x

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