Friday, 6 January 2012

It's been too long.

It really has.

I've not posted in months, and in those months a lot has happened. I'm not going to try to give a full account of everything, but I think at least a once-over is in order...

Since I last updated on the matter, there's been a fair bit more boundary-shifting for WazDakka and I. We've been through our first involvement with another person as a couple. She was a friend of ours, married, and had always been mono up until that point. Her husband had given her "permission" to be intimate with a girl, which was relatively quickly assigned to be me. Now there was also attraction there between said friend and WazDakka - so permission to play was given there too - but with a caveat of no PIV to take place (which, WazDakka being the honourable type it never did). Under these rules and restrictions the three of us had a lot of fun.

You'd be forgiven for wondering why the use of past tense if it was so good. The problem, at least in part, for us was her husband. Certainly for me at least. He had no interest in seeing his wife and I make out (fair enough, his choice) and was if anything noticably uncomfortable about it. That much didn't take a genious to work out. So WazDakka and I backed off. We're still great friends but while he's [her husband] so clearly not happy with the situation, it'll be staying platonic.

Since then there haven't been any more girlies in my life. Which pretty much sucks. A few things could be on the horizon, but we'll wait and see what pans out.

Perhaps more significantly, we discussed the ethical issues I was having with our arrangement the other night. I felt it was iffy at best that he was allowed to fuck women and yet I wasn't allowed to fuck men. It's not so much that I actively want to fuck other guys, but the contradiction seemed unfair. Don't get me wrong, WazDakka is my Master and ultimately what he says goes, but having a discussion about my issues on how close to a OPP it came seemed sensible.To elevate PIV sex as more significant than other forms of sex riled my queer rights-ness, and to logic that I might get swayed away by something as insignificant as a cock when the rules layed out afforded him such "tempting" sex seemed crazy.

His reply, however, surprised me. He said he'd been thinking about it recently, and that it was stupid, really. And that life is short, and his thinking had altered, opened up, to the idea that it really wasn't that significant. So if I wanted - with our normal caveat (that the additional person must not be a douchebag) - I was free to enjoy the "company" of guys.

Sure enough, each of our FL profiles were updated, with the both useful and respectful expectation that any guy is to be vetted by my Master WazDakka, and that as such they are to contact him. Within a couple of days, we had a message. Not yet sure about that one, but that's for it's own reasons.

So, what are we? We still don't really "identify" as poly, though we're not opposed to additional relationship(s) forming if they feel right. We're sure as hell not mono. We're us. That's about as much of a label as we're going for right now.

And with that I'm aware that was a very long post. So if you got that far, here's a boob shaped reward:

NK x

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