Thursday, 25 August 2011

Vanilla to D/s and onward to M/s...

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So... This is where I get writer's block...

WazDakka and I started out in a vanilla relationship. Sure there was pretty much always some BDSM play there as it was a pre-existing interest for the both of us, but the relationship itself functioned in a vanilla manner, as boyfriend/girlfriend with little - to - no power dynamic. 

Then, a while ago, it became a lot more D/s (Dominant/submissive). A power dynamic definitely came into play and was, in time, recognised. It fit, and wasn't an especially thought-out thing. In some ways, it helped that there was never a power struggle or difficulty working out where the balance was as WazDakka is Dom through and through, as much as I am sub through and through.

Lately though, it really became clear that M/s (Master/slave) was much closer a description to how we were actually living. WazDakka pointed this out and since then, we've effectively relabelled our relationship. I'm finding myself behaving differently too, actually. There are times when I remember my behaviour is a reflection on my Master and as such my conduct should be the best it can be.

There have been a lot of small shifts recently, and all for the better. I can only look forward to what the future has to bring for us :)

NK x

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Anonymous said...

yes, we all start that way, and then a little change her, and little change there, and before we know it, we are doing all sorts of thing xx
love the blog xx