Thursday, 19 January 2012

Testing, testing?

No, not testing the post, but rather testing me. Or at least certain parts of me.

I went today to the local STI clinic (aka GUM clinic) nearby. I should add at this point, that I don't suspect anything - this is a housekeeping task more than anything.

Not too long ago I got to thinking - I've been having sex for 6 years now, and never once have I been tested. I honestly think a lot of people could say the same - but the years, for many, will be higher. There's still not a culture of routinely getting tested in terms of sexual health, in the same way there is say, a culture for getting  a dental checkup twice a year.

I hope, in time, that changes. Because really, a lot of things can be dealt with easily when caught and caught early. But leaving issues for months or years is only going to jeopardise our own health, so surely this is a no brainer?

What I wanted to use this post for is to say that my experience wasn't scary. I wasn't judged. And no, it didn't hurt. I think the person most at risk today was the nurse who almost had a speculum fired at her due to my overzealous pelvic floor muscles. What can I say, I'm pretty strong in certain ways ;)

Seriously though; guys, girls and all the lovelies inbetween or elsewhere - today was fine. It was easy. Get tested. If you love sex, protect your ability to keep having it, and look after yourself.

NK x

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