Monday, 7 September 2009

How sexy is your town?

I've been looking forward to the results of the UK Sex Map being published for a while now, since I first heard of the map being compiled. For me, interesting results include: The city I live in right now spends more than the national average on toys and naughty accessories (well done!). The things my city spends the most on (at 1.4x the national average) are Adult DVDs and Sexy Costumes. The town I was born and raised in is in the top 50! Apparently, it spends over three times the national average on anal toys! It's also pretty good to see that the folks of my home town aree being as safe as possible, with 2.6x the national average being spent on condoms. The map has already been featured in a few newspapers today, but more interestingly, there is an edition of Company magazine coming out soon... that may have a not-so-familliar face in it... See if you can spot me by the answers! ;) Why not have a flick through and see what your town gets up to?!

NK x

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