Monday, 31 August 2009

I've been gone too long.. /sigh.

Okay so this post isn't anything too crazy-exciting I'm afraid!

More so that I'm conscious of how long I've been away, I'm missing nattering and I wanted to reassure you guys that I am very muchly still in the land of the living! The first thing that's kept me away from you all is that I've been ill.

I got what felt a lot like flu but then developed into tonsilitis. It was a really nasty dose too, and I'm still on antibollocks, sorry, antibiotics, for it now. As recently as Tuesday I could barely breathe due to my throat trying to close up on me. It really sucked! Chocolate got me through, I depended on it for a good few days to keep my energy up enough when I couldnt swallow any food!

Aside from that, a lack of get up and go in the bedroom hasn't immensely helped the blog of late - but a whole heap of that has been bad timing, one thing and another then a bout of illness where kissing is actually prohibited! Does very little for the sex life!

 However, Friday just gone was a special day for us. It marked one whole year that we've officially been a couple <3 That was pretty huge for me, to be honest. It sounds corny as hell to say it, but I really do love him even more now than I did back then. Back on the sex and sex toy theme, I want to give a quick shout out to Mantric who I think rock. All shall be revealed why soon enough, but if you want to see what they have out right now, I'd suggest LoveHoney!

NK x


Anonymous said...

aww happy *late* anniversary tidings to you and your OH

LivingFire said...

Oh thank you honey :-* tis very much appreciated xx