Friday, 12 September 2008

A slight amendment.

In my intro I said 'I'm single'. This isn't true. I do now have a boyfriend. We'll call him R. Onto the post for today. R stayed over last night. I'm 20 and this (imo) should therefore mean my bf can stay when we like, but while my mum is pretty much fine with it I get the feeling my dad isn't. Still, if i don't ask him, we don't have to confront that, do we? I think he'd be fine with it if R didn't share my bed. I also think neither of my parents would like R nearly so much if they knew i lost my anal virginity to him last night. Still, what they don't know... So today i ordered some things, including some clever little tie things to be tied up in. I always wanted to get more into that but due to a woeful lack of trust in prior relationships it never really took off... A was WAY too vanilla (he wouldnt consider anal, bondage, pain, pretty much anything, tbh) and M, well, she was very into bdsm. But i knew she was a bitch and never could trust her which in my opinion is essential in bondage. I havent asked R if he likes that kind of thing but he seems to have a decent level of kink to him, he's into pain and he fingered my ass without asking so i have a feeling he'll be agreeable ;) which is good. On a final note. I hate living with my parents, for one reason above all others. Sex where you're paranoid about creaking beds is ANNOYING. If mildly comical.

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