Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sinful Sunday: Never Naked

I'm never truly naked with my collar.

Master collared me early this year and I've worn this since. To be without it would feel incredibly wrong to me. It's discrete enough to wear day to day without suspicion or questions. 

In times of stress, worry or sadness, my collar is my link to him, to feel him near me even when we are physically apart. 

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Sinful Sunday


Curvaceous Dee said...

Oh, but that is some beautiful chain-maille! Was it made especially for you? It looks like it fits absolutely perfectly :)

(Can you tell that one of my dear friends in a mailler?)

Also, I know exactly what you mean about that feeling of connection all day. Having just been tagged by m'Lady with a piercing (my collar not being appropriate for 24/7 wear), I am delighted to have something on my flesh at all times :)

xx Dee

NymphetamineKiss said...

@Curvaceous Dee-
It actually wasn't, it was premade from Aislinns Erotic Jewels on ArtFire (

The only down side of it is the catch - it's the one bit of the whole thing that irritated it so we've been through lots of clasps/locks to try and find a solution :( Nothing so far has been quite right unfortunately.

NK x

Naughty Tashamber said...

Very nice collar. :D

Evoë Thorne said...

Ooooh! Gorgeous. Both the collar and the slope of your neck.

SubReiSkyeM said...

That's a beautiful collar. Your sentiments are exactly like mine, except my day-to-day collar is a locket with our pictures inside (it was a normal necklace before Christmas though) and without it my emotions are everywhere. I don't even like taking it off to bathe.

KaziGrrl said...

I love this. Your collar is gorgeous :)

~Kazi xxx

Molly said...

Welcome to Sinful Sunday! Lovely to have you taking part.

I ADORE my collar too and like you I have a very simple chain and pendant one for everyday wear but I also have locking metal one and a high-neck leather one for special occasions.


Marie Rebelle said...

Your collar is gorgeous!

Rebel xox

Jack and Jill said...

Lovely image! The collar is very eye-catching, but so is your delightful bare flesh.

Emily Daniel said...

A very beautiful photo. Delicate and graceful, yet full of power. The bond you and your Master have must be truly special.

Mia said...

The collar is beautiful, the slope of your neck delicate, the words that accompany show a strong bond between you and your Master held together with love.

Welcome to Sinful Sunday.

~Mia~ xx