Friday, 11 May 2012

Review: Durex Love Box

I bought Waz and I a Durex Love Box each a few weeks ago. Since then, they've become a staple in our bags. We don't use condoms together but do so religiously when sleeping with others outside our relationship, both for STI protection and an extra layer of pregnancy protection.

We're not especially loyal to any one brand of condom, preferring to buy whatever appeals or is on offer at the time - provided it's kite marked of course - so what really attracted us to this product was the tins rather than the included condoms.

The tins themselves come in a variety of colours and styles - eight are offered at Lovehoney, styles are selected at random - which means for us as we have two different tins we know which tin is ours.

The tins are nice and sturdy so far, not showing any signs of damage. A big part of why we bought these was due to the fact that condoms kept in wallets or purses run the risk of damage over any length of time, so to carry some on us the majority of the time without that risk was a real benefit.

The tins come with three durex condoms in them already, and a small informational leaflet which explains more about the love boxes. Once this leaflet is removed, I have found up to five condoms will fit in the box - though this is highly dependent on brand and style as some (for example Skyns) are thicker packets. 

The bottom line is that I'd recommend anyone who uses condoms on a regular or semi-regular basis would benefit from the reassurance having your protection protected brings!

The Durex Love Box is available at Lovehoney for £3.49 and comes with three condoms.

NK x

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