Monday, 12 October 2009

I told you a revolution was coming...

And I didn't lie! As of this morning, this went live @ LoveHoney:
LoveHoney Sqweel
In what has to be one of the most hyped sex toy launches ever, I was lucky enough to be given a sneak preview of the Sqweel, getting to roadtest one a litLtle while ago - thanks of course, go out to the gorgeous folk at LoveHoney! So, what do I think? Well my first thoughts were on the packaging I saw as I opened it, the box is really cool (see below) and it's almost a pity LoveHoney is exclusively online, these would look fantastic on the shelves! Opening it up, I have to say I was surprised - it looks a lot different to anything out there at the moment... a claim I'd originally been mildly sceptical of when I first heard it - I didn't think there was much, if anything, that hadn't already been done in the market. I'm rather glad to say I was proven wrong in that respect!
So, on to the toy itself. As you can see, its all based on the idea of a wheel with 10 tongues on it, which rotates at variable speeds to simulate the sensation of oral sex on your clitoris - though it can be used elsewhere! There's just one control to switch it on and off, and to adjust the speed, so it's nice and simple, meaning you can just lie back and enjoy it instead of thinking about button pressing! The only mildly fiddly thing about the whole toy in fact, is the cover you twist off to clean it (and by the way, it's super easy to clean!) but after you've done that once, it's fine. I don't know if it's as obvious in the photos, but it's not obvious at all what it is when the cap is on - to that end, if it were left out on a side table and someone saw it, they wouldn't immediately guess it was a sex toy (so pretty handy for nosey relatives/friends/etc). It's also on the mild-moderate side of volume, and the little noise it does make isn't the typical "buzzy" noise, so again a little more discrete.
Ultimately though, how good a toy is really comes down to its performance... I was blown away! I have to admit I do normally have to give most toys a hand to get 'there', but with this, it did all the work for me! I wouldn't say it'd get me there the quickest out of anything i've tried, but it will give me the best orgasm, and certainly more like an orgasm with a partner. Now, conceptually, I can't help but think this is brilliant - like I said at the start of this post I wasn't convinced that there really was anything left that hadn't been done in the market, but this isn't like anything else out there. You can replicate sex - up to a point - with toys, but there has never been a good oral simulator on the market, especially at a reasonable price.
I honestly believe that if enough women find out about this, it could be as revolutionary - if not more so - to the market as the Rabbit!
Buy it exclusively @ LoveHoney for £34.99 (price correct at time of writing)

NK x

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Harriet Handley said...

Brilliant! I'm so glad you like it. It really is a revolution in orgasms! Us lot here at LoveHoney can't get enough of it either!