Friday, 12 November 2010

On Fantasising...

Picture reproduced under Creative Commons. From Chiara CC on Flickr.

I think fantasies are interesting. 

I identify completely as a submissive. It's just who I am and always have been from the beginning of my partnered sex beginnings. I have never really questioned my BDSM roles within that time, or at least not until lately. 

I found myself desperate for sleep on Tuesday night. I knew I'd only have time for about 3 hours sleep at most as I was heading to London via coach in the small hours of the next morning for the Student Fees Protest (and no, I wasn't one of the ones who got violent, honest!). 
As time passed, I still struggled to drift off. My mind wouldn't slow down or shut off, and I felt restless and wide awake. There is, of course, an obvious sedative. 

A good orgasm induces such a fantastic state of relaxation, the sensation of spent energies and sastisfaction that make it so very easy to drift into slumber... 

Already naked in my bed (I cannot sleep clothed for love nor money... well, when I really have to. But if it's my own home, it ain't happening!), I allow my hands to wander across my body; my mind searching for a scene to play out and emmerse myself within. 

I surprise myself as my mind conjures that of a submissive male, desperate and beneath me. He is warned not to even think of getting hard as I squat above his face. In my fantasy, I feel my knickers become hot and wet as they soak through with my juices, inches above his pathetic face. 

His cock stiffens, and a swift, stinging strike of the crop lands. "What the fuck did I tell you?" I scold. 
"I'm sorry, Mistress, please"
Still just above his face, my fingers slide into my panties, pushing them aside to allow him to see me rub my hardened clit.

Lying in my bed, eyes closed and deep within my fantasy, my fingers mimick those within my mind. 

It takes next to no time before I feel waves of pleasure radiate from my pussy, as my orgasm comes hard and pulsating. I feel my pussy juices drip onto his waiting face. I warn him to catch every drop with his mouth if he wants to please me. 

He does. 

"Well done, you've done something right for once". 

And before the scene can even finish playing out in my mind, I come back to the present. 

Just me in my bed, wondering what the fuck that was about, and how it got me so hot.

NK x


Lillith said...

Dearest girl,

I have a way you can be both submissive and dominate at the same involves me as your Domme, of course! But can you guess the rest?
If my Kitty wants a submissive male, I'm sure there are a view who would BEG to oblige!
Lilly xxx

Lillith said...

*few! can you tell I'm! x

LivingFire said...

Hmm, yes! Well, it's something to think about isn't it...

But the thing that perplexes me the most is where that all came from... It's strange...